This is only a sample of the Sitemap Maker
available in #1 ACE Full Version.

#1 ACE Software

Proudly presents;
ROR Sitemap Generator

Enter your URL and click Generate Sitemap! button.
This spiders your website, extracts all your webpage links, and
creates a text file which you save to your website with the .xml extension.
This file is compatible with Google, Yahoo, MSN and other Search Engine Spiders which read sitemaps.

Site URL



ROR Sitemap     

When done, just copy the code above and paste it into a text editor (e.g. Notepad), save the file as ror.xml (or sitemap.xml), and upload the file into the top (or root) folder of your website (don't paste the code into your page).

Add this line in the <head> of your main page for the search engines (If you name your sitemap file sitemap.xml , be sure to also change this tag to reflect that):

#1 ACE Search Engine Submission Software