Search Engine Submission Software; NOW WITH OVER 60+ SEARCH ENGINES!!!
Automates the search engine promotion process...you simply enter your Webpage URL and your Email Address and press "Submit Now" button. Your URL and Email Address will be submitted to the all the Top Search Engines instantly and the software gives you a browser window to monitor the submission success pages received from the various search engines "live". Our unique submission process is preferred over many of our competitors because it submits your URL and Email Address directly to the individual search engines thru a browser format.  This format gives you the feedback you need, so you can be sure that your URL and Email Address was actually received by each search engine. And, that it was actually accepted. Live, via our unique browser window, you'll see your URL and Email Address being accepted by all the search engines. Unlike other submission softwares, which simulate results, and do not give you live hands on feedback, you can be sure they received your submission with #1 ACE. Another highly desired feature is thru our unique submission process which makes it as though you personally visited each engine individually and hand submitted your URL and Email Address. This eliminates the possibility that your site will be banned or not listed as a result of an automated submission process. Unlike many of the other automated submission software's, where you do not get live feedback and where you never really know for sure that the search engine even got your submission. We took all that into consideration when we designed #1 ACE. We made it simple, very simple and easy to use. No complicated software here. Just simple, fast, accurate search engine promotion that gets the job done and saves you tons of time. Full version gives you unlimited submissions of all the domains and webpages you want till your heart is content. No restrictions or limitations. You can submit unlimited URL's and Email Addresses as long or as much as you want. Search engine promotion made easy! Checkout the screenshots. Click here!

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Free Web Ads is a link to a GIANT WEB ADS COMPANY that offers mostly free ads around the country for all kinds of products and services. And has HUGE EXPOSURE. You don't want to miss listing your offerings here! Try it and see results!

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The Power Submitter Feature submits a list of unlimited number of urls - domains and webpages to all the available search engines. The design of this feature is to allow you to load a list of all your domains and webpages, then submit them to all the search engines which accept this type of submission. It is designed to be fast and accurate. You should also submit your urls via our traditional program to get into some search engines which require personal attention.
Checkout the screenshots. Click here!

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To assist in the webpage design process. Enabling the Meta Tags - Title, Description, and Keywords to be formatted in HTML Source code ready to be copied and
pasted into the Webpage. The goal here is to create a title, description and keywords
that is relevant to the content on your webpage. Try to specify one or two keywords or phrases, which signify the topic or content of the webpage. This adds to the possibility that your webpage will show up appropriately in the Search Engines. And, your search engine promotion will target people searching for such topics or content. Also, they will have a possible opportunity to discover your webpages. We have also added Title, Description, and Keyword Secrets to the Full Version which give you advise on what to put in those meta tags to help with your search engine promotion. Like type of content and length of content which is used and acceptable by the Top Search Engines.
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Plus check out the ALL NEW META TAG GENERATOR in full version which helps you add these tags;

SITE CLASS - Select the general site classification of this web page.

SITE RATING - Select the site rating of this web page.

ROBOTS - Here you can tell the indexing search engine
            if you want it to "spider" your web page and
            the links on it. There are several options here
            as follows;
                ALL     Do all, no restrictions.
                INDEX     Means that robots are
                    welcome to include this
                    page in search services.
                FOLLOW     Means that robots are
                    welcome to follow links
                    from this page to find other
                NOINDEX allows the web page links
                    to be explored, even though
                    the page is not indexed.
                NOFOLLOW allows the web page to
                    be indexed, but the web page
                    links not to be followed.
                NONE     Tells the indexing search
                    engine to neither index or
                    follow links on this web page.
                    Basically says ignore this
                    web page.

ROBOTS REVISIT - Expressed in days, your can tell the indexing search engine when to revisit your web page I.E. 10 days,15 days, 30 days, etc.

AUTHOR - You can enter the name of the author of this web page

EMAIL - You can enter an email address related to this web page.

COPYRIGHT - You can enter the copyright information related to this web page.

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Submission Log; NEW FEATURES ADDED!!!
To keep a record of the date, time, URL, and email address used during each search engine promotion. Allows you to print out the submissions log whenever you want. Plus we just added some awesome new features;

  • RE-SUBMIT Previously submitted URL and Email with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • EDIT LOG will allow you to edit Current Log Data.
  • CLEAR LOG will remove all entries in log and start blank.
  • BACK UP LOG will allow you to back up the current log file for future reference or later restoral.
  • RESTORE BACK UP LOG will restore previously saved Back Up Log to the Current Log File.
  • PRINT LOG will output the submission log file to your printer for a written record of your search engine promotion.

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This software is a suite of 28+ easy to use wizards and tools that will have you creating stunning JavaScript effects in minutes. Popups, Popunders, Affiliate Link Cloaking, Banner Rotation, Meta Tags and Image Protection are just some of the great wizards available.
Users do not need to have any JavaScript or CSS knowledge. The simple question and answer format will have you creating scripts in no time and by copying and pasting the script directly into your document you will eliminate typing errors. Once you use this tool you will never understand how you got by without it. We believe that the CODE WIZARD is an excellent value for the money software application. Elsewhere you could be paying $5-$10 for each of these wizards separately. That would value this package at somewhere in the $140-$280 range.
Learn more about this fantastic application. Click Here

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You may have heard of this type of Pop Up technology under a different name... Pop Throughs, Hover Ads, Unblockable Pop Ups, Slide In Ads etc. They all use similar technology and are designed to get your content seen. The POPUP MAGICIAN Software is a set of wizards that will help you easily create these attention grabbing Pop Ups. The POPUP MAGICIAN Software scripts consist of HTML, JavaScript and CSS (cascading style sheets) set out for you in an easy and logical sequence. You do not need to know any JavaScript or CSS coding. You will however need to have some basic HTML skills to be able to put the scripts in to your page and create your content. These Pop Up wizards will simplify the process and allow you to create a wide variety of unique Pop Ups that can be pasted into your HTML document. You can create unique Pop Ups that reflect your site's identity. You are not limited to how Microsoft or Netscape want your Pop Up to appear. The flexibility of these wizards allows you to be very creative when you are designing your Pop Ups.
Want more details? Click Here

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This spiders your website, extracts all your webpage links, and creates a text url/webpage link map file which you save to your website with the .xml extension. This file is compatible with Google, Yahoo, MSN and other Search Engine Spiders which read sitemaps. Yahoo recently put out a press release supporting this sitemap method and mentioned that MSN and Google will also join them in accepting and adopting this standard. "Major Search Engines Unite to Support a Common Mechanism for Website Submission" November 16, 2006 6:00 a.m. "Sitemaps Protocol Will Enable Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft to Provide More Comprehensive and Fresh Search Results". Any site owner can create and upload an XML Sitemap and submit the URL of the file to participating search engines. Let #1 ACE Software help you today! Click Here

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This informative easy to use tutorial is an 18 Chapter Course on HTML Webpage Design and Creation. Beginners find this tutorial very useful in learning HTML programming and webpage design thru simple coding examples in an easy to read format. If you know nothing about HTML, this course is for you. It takes you from the very basic HTML code, then directly into more advanced HTML code. Experts find this tutorial very useful as an easy to use reference and memory refresher. When you use software programs to do all the source coding with drop and drag features, you tend to forget the actual source code doing all the real work. Here, you'll find that you will be pleasantly surprised to have a handy reference to help you tweak a bit of code by hand.

This easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Webpage Design tool helps you create webpages on the fly. An extremely convenient way to edit webpages and auction html. Editing is done in a Total Visual (WYSIWYG) Mode or, if you wish, HTML Mode, the choice is yours. Easily switch between the two. Work with files stored on your computer. Instantly preview too! If you can use a Word Processor, You can Use this Editor! A great tool for designing or editing HTML webpages.

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