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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Free Demo do?
This software functions as a fully operational limited demo until the serial number is entered.
Then, it operates as a full version. As a limited demo, you get to see and access the basic functionality of the software. Also, this software will allow a user unlimited Webpage URL and Email Address submissions to 2 Search Engines; Google and WhatUSeek. And, our Meta Tag Generator is included which helps you create title, description, and keyword meta tag source code to add to your webpages for further search engine optimization. Full version has advanced meta tag generator with 10 types of meta tags, with various different combination of available settings. Both the free demo and full version offer a Submission Log to help you keep track of your submissions.

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What does the Full Version do?

As a full version, this software will allow you unlimited Webpage URL and Email Address submissions to the Top Search Engines; Google, Yahoo, MSN, WhatUSeek, Entireweb, Surf Gopher, National Directory, Searchit, Search Who, Subjex, Info Tiger, Web Squash, Search Engine, True Search, Walhello, Splat, Scrub The Web, Exact Seek, Aeiwi, Accoona and Search Site. There is an advanced Meta Tag Generator to help to create 10 types of meta tags, in various combinations to further aid your website search engine optimization strategies. The Power Submitter helps you do mass url submissions. The Submission Log helps you record and keep track of all your submissions. The Code Wizard is a suite of 28+ easy to use wizards and tools that will have you creating stunning JavaScript effects in minutes. Popups, Popunders, Affiliate Link Cloaking, Banner Rotation, Meta Tags and Image Protection are just some of the great wizards available. The Popup Magician Software is a set of wizards that will help you easily create attention grabbing high tech Pop Ups. The Sitemap Maker spiders your website, extracts all your webpage links, and creates a text url/webpage link map file compatible with Google, Yahoo, MSN and other Search Engine Spiders which read sitemaps. The EZ HTML Tutor is an 18 Chapter Online Interactive Tutorial for Beginners and Advanced Webpage Designers. This course teaches HTML Coding and is an excellent easy-to-use reference. The EZ HTML EDITOR is a simple, but powerful webpage creator with a WYSIWYG Interface(what you see is what you get) and is as easy to use as any text editor. Great for building HTML on the fly and is accessible from anywhere on the web.

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Does it work on Windows?
What versions of Windows?

#1 ACE works on all versions of the Windows Operating Systems. (95,98,ME,XP,NT, 2000)

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Does it work on MAC?
At this time. No testing or developement has been done to offer this program for MAC, however, if you are using a form of a Soft MAC Windows program. Then it may work. Try the free demo.

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Am I limited to just one website or URL?

NO! You can submit an unlimited number of webpages and URLS. #1 ACE does not restrict or limit your use. You can submit any number of webpage or website URL's as little or as much as you want. One reason we have included the Power Submitter, is to help you submit large quantities of URL's. This saves you time if you have many to submit. Some #1 ACE Purchasers are Search Engine Optimization Experts and use #1 ACE to submit their clients URL's.

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How often should I submit a Webpage URL?
Submitting the same Webpage URL to the same Search Engines more than one time in a 30-40 day period will not help and may even cause your URL not to be listed. Most Search Engines do not mind you submitting all your webpage URL's, as long as you do not submit the same one over and over again. After a submission, it takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months before your URL may show up in the various Search Engines. So, be patience, and try not to submit the same Webpage URL more that one time in a given 30-60 day period. After submission, wait a few weeks, then go to the specific Search Engines and check for your Webpage URL, to see if it has been listed yet! Good Luck, and Great Success!

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How does this program work?
This program utilizes our proprietary unique browser submission technology that takes the webpage URL and email address that you enter and through an automated browser format, submits it to the appropriate search engines one by one. During this process, you can monitor the success of your submission in the browser window and you will actually see the individual search engines accepting your URL and Email Address. You'll know for a fact that they received your submission. And, we have included a submission log to keep track of all your submissions. Plus, we have included a Meta Tag Generator to help you make your webpages more search engine friendly and  more content relevant.

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Do you have any screen shots?
See screenshot by clicking here!

Where can I download the Free Demo?
You can get the free demo download at our webpage by clicking here!

Where can I purchase the Full Version?
You can get #1 ACE purchase info by clicking here!

How do I contact you for support or questions?
You can get our contact info or submit a request by clicking here!

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Let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions; Submit a request here.

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