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You do not need to submit your website to zillions of search engines to get web site traffic. You need to submit all your webpages to all the top search engines for effective marketing, optimization and placement. 99.99% of ALL SEARCH ENGINE WEB TRAFFIC comes from the Top Search Engines. We have ALL those search engines included in our software. Some other search engine promotion and software companies say they will submit your website to 100,000's of sites....( at a HUGE COST ). What they don't tell you is, that for promotion of your URL and Email Address to those FFA Sites and Unknown Search Engines will guarantee you tons of spam emails and numerous offers which will overwhelm you, get you little traffic and virtually NO HITS. Well, there are only a hand full of top search engines that provide virtually ALL THE HITS, and we have them all. Yes, there are other top internet advertising directories you want to be in also ( like Yahoo and Looksmart ), but they all charge from $50.00 to $299.00 or more per 1-Website Domain URL. Plus, there are other Pay-Per-Listing/Click Type Sites which charge you anywhere from 5 cents to Infinity. ( Like Goto /Overture). Yes, you may want to be in those too. For a price, But it cost you SO MUCH and you pay every time someone looks at your site. NOT when they buy something!!. We have all the TOP Search Engines that do not charge you, and are the providers of 99.99% of all internet search engine traffic. Our search engine promotion software will save you time, money, and make it extremely easy to submit unlimited webpages to all the top search engines. Plus, we will be adding all new top search engines as they emerge...which will be included in all future upgrades.

NOTE: Many of our competitors offer out-dated software listing search engine submissions to old search engines or search engines which "NOT LONGER" exist and some even say you can still submit to those sites which no longer offer free submissions!!! Like Alta Vista*, Fast-AllTheWeb*, Lycos**, Hotbot**Excite***, Web Crawler***, and others.
*(Search results are provided by Yahoo!. If you are interested in submitting your site to be considered for free inclusion in the Yahoo! Search index, #1 ACE can assist you!)
**(Search results are provided by Ask.com and only send their spiders thru-out the web crawling URLS. If you are interested in having your site spidered by Ask.com, #1 ACE gives you insightful information to help you!)
***(Search results are provided by Meta-Search Engines which pull simultaneous results from Yahoo!, Google, MSN, and Ask. You've got to get your website in Yahoo!, Google, MSN, or Ask to potentially show up in Excite or Web Crawler.)
Wisenut was bought out by Looksmart a directory service which charges to sign up and cost you per click. All in all, there are still many software promoters marketing old software saying they can help you submit to many search engines that do not exist any more or no longer accept free advertising submissions. Beware of those, as how accurate can they be if they still list a search engine that has been gone for 3 months, 6 months, a year, or longer??? Well, it tells you one thing...they are not up to date. We purposefully built a "LIVE" browser submission window into our online promotion software so you can see your web site promotion with real time results as the submission takes place. Then, you know for sure your submission was accepted by the actual search engine. If not, you will get an error message. Now that will get you some true Internet marketing results.    Contact us for details! GREATEST SUCCESS TO YOU!


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